Citizen Jack Mohave edp by Michael Malul London

Citizen Jack Mohave edp by Michael Malul London

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The Feeling: As you gaze upon the untamed expanse of the desert landscape, a blend of tranquility and power washes over you, igniting a sense of confidence in your soul. With each breath of the desert air, you feel a connection to the boundless horizon stretching before you, the beauty of sun-drenched sand dunes inviting exploration and adventure. In this vast terrain, there is a profound sense of freedom, an understanding that nothing can hinder your journey or adventurous spirit.

The Fragrance: Bright and aromatic top notes of cardamom, lemon, and bergamot settle into fresh mid notes of geranium, elemi, and lavender, before warming into woody and spicy base notes of cedar, musk, and vetiver.

Top Notes: Cardamom Guatemala, Lemon Oil, Bergamot 

Mid Notes: Egyptian Geranium, Lavender Oil, Elemi Philippines

 Base Notes: Cedarwood Virginia, Sensual Musk, Vetiver