Citizen Jill Sunkissed edp by  Michael Malul London

Citizen Jill Sunkissed edp by Michael Malul London

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The Feeling: At 5PM, the sun still casts a bright and pleasantly golden glow as you stroll down the bustling street to meet your friends for a spontaneous happy hour. Wearing your first flowy sundress of the year, you feel a sense of liberation. The light fabric dances around your legs, catching the gentle evening breeze. Spring months are in full swing, and the air feels softer and warmer, hinting at the approaching summer. There’s a palpable buzz around you; Santa Monica itself seems to pulse with anticipation of the season’s promise of balmy days and extended nights.

The Fragrance: Sweet and juicy notes of bergamot, wild berries, and sweet orange soften into delicate and soothing notes of night blooming jasmine and suede before warming into earthy base notes of cedarwood, green patchouli, and light woods.

Top Notes: Italian Bergamot, Wild Berries, Sweet Orange

 Mid Notes: Night Blooming Jasmine, Suede Accord

 Base Notes: Cedarwood Virginia, Green Patchouli, Light Woods