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Lunar New Years & Incense

  What is the Lunar New Year?  Lunar New Years follows the cycle of the Lunar Calendar. It begins on the first day of the new moon and ends 15 days later on the day of the full moon. It is a time of community, honoring your family and your ancestors. Common traditions of Lunar New Years are giving red envelopes (lucky money) to children, fireworks, and eating traditional dishes.  Lunar New Years, often associated with Chinese New Years, is celebrated over a variety of countries in Asia and is not exclusive to China. Countries and regions that recognize Lunar New Years as a public holiday are, and not limited to, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, China, Philippines,...

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Take notes

Dec 20, 2021   As we are near the holidays and new year we want to wish everyone a safe, enjoyable and restful holiday season! Last month, we shared an external resource on how to find and select fragrances based on a variety of factors, such as, smell, notes, costs and much more.  We have now updated our SEO based on notes categories, and if you are looking for a particular scent or smell like, citrus smells, fruits, vegetables, nuts, flowers, white flowers, green, herbs, and fougeres, spices, sweet and gourmand smells, woods and mosses, resins and balsams, musk, amber, almanac smells, beverages, natural, synthetic, popular or weird- just give it a search.  If you have any questions or unable to...

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End of Novemeber thoughts..

Nov 29th, 2021  Written by Rima Wadhwani Education:  It's a new year and we want you to try new fragrances. Here is our favorite website to help you find a new scent.  This website allows you to enter your favorite scents, and through its algorithms and perfume encyclopedia full of perfume knowledge it tells you which other scents you might just love!  Feature:  This month we are featuring the speciality frangraces of: Our owner's son visited this parfum factory in Paris (France) years ago and since then we have been glued to their natural, botanical scents.  For next month, let us know what you would like to learn from us! Sincerely,   Your team at Parfum Gallerie        ...

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