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Scopoli Discovery Set Parfum 5ml x 4

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5ml bottles of their 4 unisex parfums is the perfect way to explore the fragrances & style of perfumery. As a gift, it's an enlivening experience, and avoids the risky undertaking of choosing someone's favorite fragrance. 

The bottles are set in cork bark, from the offcuts of wine cork production in Portugal. Cork bark is harvested by simply stripping it from Cork Oak (Quercus suber) trees every ~7 years. The tree is unaffected and grows back a fresh layer of bark that will be harvested in the future, making cork bark a beautifully sustainable and environmentally friendly resource.

Also included is a mini booklet, with our very own surrealist illustration, outlining all the various notes of each fragrance allowing you to devise your favorite notes! 

Packaging is derived from 100% recycled wastepaper.