SERGE LUTENS  L’Eau d’armoise
SERGE LUTENS  L’Eau d’armoise

SERGE LUTENS L’Eau d’armoise

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Fragrance Family: Warm & Spicy

Scent Type: Cool Spices

Key Notes: Mugwort, Bergamot, Immortelle Flowers

Fragrance Description: "How could I have known when I distractedly picked a leaf from a bush and rubbed it between my index finger and thumb, that mugwort would later speak to me from a perfume bottle ?"—Serge Lutens

"Coming to the fore or fading away, each one has its moment."—Serge Lutens

About the Fragrance: "Luxury begins with cleanliness." With these few short words, in 2010 Serge Lutens set the tone for a new vision of perfume: light, fresh, devoid of the heady, sticky, overly masculine notes of colognes. Allowing each note to fade away or come to the fore at will, Serge Lutens’ Eaux de Politesse are the ideal representation of our vague desires for change. Because each individual is unique.