SERGE LUTENS La fille de Berlin
SERGE LUTENS La fille de Berlin

SERGE LUTENS La fille de Berlin

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Floral, Spicy

Notes: Rose, Pepper.

A homage to a woman’s strength, resilience and beauty, La Fille de Berlin (“The Girl from Berlin”) by Serge Lutens showcases a beautiful marriage of the all-mighty Rose, a symbol of femininity throughout the ages, and a spicy zing of electrifying Pepper, a metaphor for a woman’s fiery nature to fight in the face of destruction. Created for the strong-willed woman who refuses to be oppressed, the fragrance is evocative of a woman whose beauty renders her as notorious as her thorny character.

The ultimate Rose perfume for rose-lovers, the unisex fragrance boasts a long-lasting sillage, thanks to its eau de parfum concentration, expertly blended using premium-grade, raw, natural-origin materials.

Bottled in a rectangular glass flacon, the seductive rosy-red concoction packs a floral punch elevated with energising spice.