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SERGE LUTENS La religieuse

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Top Notes: Jasmine.
Heart Notes: Incense.
Base Notes: Civet.

Adorn yourself with the scents of innocence and purity with the Serge Lutens La Religieuse Eau de Parfum. The unique and daring brand strives to create a strong, unignorable theme with each of their perfumes, with La Religieuse focusing on images that are saintly, genuine and refined. The fragrance opens with top notes of smooth, sumptuous Jasmine, instantly evoking delicate and elegant images that encourage you to own your femininity in an unapologetic manner.

Virtuous and crisp, the wholesome cocktail of scents reaches its mid-section with heart notes of luxurious Incense. The rich, opulent aromas merge together pleasantly with the top notes, allowing them to dance and blend in a charming, enchanting way. The essence of all that is honest and good, the fragrance conjures visions that are noble and as immaculate as freshly-fallen snow, making the perfume ideal for people that love to make a graceful lasting impression.

Reaching its crescendo with base notes of intriguing Civet, the final notes of the perfume exude warmth and luminosity, promoting a radiant aura wherever you may go. As dainty and vulnerable as the velvety petals of a Jasmine flower, La Religieuse is guaranteed to allow you to make a heavenly entrance. Encased in a sleek bottle with a majestic white sculpture at the lid, reminiscent of angelic wings, the fragrance is destined to become an eye-catching aspect of any room.